Novadan – working with sustainability

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Through many years, Novadan has had focus on sustainabule and responsible initiatives and to make sure these go hand in hand with our growth ambitions and desire to accomodate our stakeholder’s interests.

We have implemented many initiatives to support CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and for many years we have been certified according to  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 27001. Besides, we are members of  Green Network, which is an advisory company and a partner network within the environment, working environment and CSR.

Novadan has published a CSR-report where we outline and identifies areas which Novadan has the opportunity to support the challenges the world is facing: Climate, health, lack of ressourcer, rights, safety etc.

We have for several years achieved good results on optimising and reducing our energy consumption, reducing chemical waste / recycling of packaging materials, safety, cybersecurity, consumer safety, support to sustainable initiatives at customers, and much more… We will continue these efforts and we are setting up goals for different areas and initiatives. 

Our work is i.a. based on the UN global goals and the areas where we – initially – believe we can contribute the most.

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