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Market Manager Milchindustrie Norddeutschland


Novadan wants to create a workplace which reflects initiative and commitment and where everybody does their best. The goal is to attracht competent and motivated employees.

Further specification of how Novadan practically handles this task in relation to the employees is evident from a number of policies, which are included as a part of our employment policy. These are found in the  employee manual.


Career opportunities
Novadan is part of the US-owned group: ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc), which is a Fortune 200 company with more than 600 decentralized companies and 48,000 employees. Because of this ownership, Novadan benefits from ITW’s business model, which includes decentralization and tools to develop our business and achieve growth.

As an employee at Novadan, you are thereby part of a company and learning culture where everyone gives their full potential and values the diverse perspectives that make us better together.

If you are looking for a career that gives you flexibility and freedom in your role and offers opportunities for further development of your skills, Novadan, and in a broader context: ITW’s seven business segments in more than 50 countries, provide good opportunities for this. Thus, in addition to career opportunities in Novadan, there is also the opportunity for career growth across the 80+ global divisions.


Market Manager Milchindustrie Norddeutschland

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