African Swine Fever

African Swine Feber is an infectious viral disease that affects all breeds of pigs (including wild boar). African Swine Fever is caused by a coat-bearing DNA virus, which is very stable in infected pigs, pig carcasses, carcasses, fresh meat and some pork products where the virus can survive up to 9 months. The global spread of the ASF-virus increases the need for action to keep the virus in check. 

Hygiene for humans, animals, and materials play an important role, and adequate cleaning and disinfection with effective disinfectants is essential.

Oxidan Extra contains 5% Peracetic acid and is effective against African Swine Fever – even at low temperatures (>40C).

African Swine Fever

Read more about virus test and usage of Novadan’s disinfectant Oxidan Extra against African Swine Fever. 

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