Hygiene powder

Nova X-Dry is a hygiene powder designed for use in stables housing cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, minks, and poultry. It serves dual purposes: moisture absorption and reduction of bacteria pressure across all animal species.

  • With its exceptional absorption capacity (up to 200% of its net weight), Nova X-Dry creates a dry environment around the animals, reducing the risk of infection thanks to its unique composition.
  • Containing biological ingredients that inhibit bacteria growth in the stable, Nova X-Dry can be safely emitted in the slurry without causing environmental harm, as it does not contain any hazardous substances and is based on biomass, among other components.
  • Furthermore, Nova X-Dry enhances air quality in the stable by effectively binding ammonia vapors.

Hygiene powder

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Nova X-Dry – usage

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Nova X-Dry – more about the product

Market Manager Hans Erik Nielsen goes in depth with Nova X-Dry’s properties in this video.

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