Udder hygiene

Udder care is important for several reasons.
Firstly, as the udder is the primary organ responsible for milk production in dairy animals, maintaining good udder health is essential for ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality milk.

Secondly, poor udder care can lead to udder infections such as mastitis, which can have serious consequences for both the animal and the milk production. Mastitis can cause pain and discomfort for the animal, reduce milk production, and result in the need for costly veterinary treatment.

Thirdly, maintaining good udder health is important for animal welfare. Regular udder care can help to prevent discomfort and pain for the animal and reduce the risk of infections.

Lastly, good udder care is essential for food safety. Bacteria from an infected udder can be transferred to the milk, potentially causing health problems for consumers. Therefore, maintaining good udder health is important for producing safe and high-quality milk.

Udder hygiene before milking

Before milking, a  cleaning of the udder is extremely important, as it can help prevent an unfortunate development of both germs and spores in the milk. Of course, it is also very important to use agents which take care of the sensitive cow teat skin.

Udder hygiene after milking

After removal of the milking attachment we recommend use of spray or teat dip. It is important with regard to quick disinfection of the udder.

Udder hygiene

Market Manager Agro Hans Erik Nielsen explains the importance of good udder hygiene – before and after milking.  

Jopo Film

Watch the usage of the iodine product Jopo Film – after milking.

Viri Te Dip

Watch the usage of Viri Te Dip – after malkning.

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Case story

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