Crate washing

Crate washing: Food boxes must be clean, safe and suitable for use in the food industry, helping to maintain high standards of food safety and quality.

It is essential to remove any dirt, food debris, bacteria and other micro-organisms that could contaminate the boxes and potentially cause foodborne illness or cross-contamination.

With Novadan’s products you can live up to applicable standards: HACCP, ISO, GMP, and it is easier to justify the price to your customers who buy the crates.

Have you ever experienced having to rewash?

Novadan can assist you in minimizing the degree of rewash and you will experience that it is easier to clean the crates when washing the next time. That is why you will not find residues of glue, labels, protein coatings and chemistry (better work environment).

…. and that is not all – the crates are also drier after washing.

Crate / box washing

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