Milking system

Thorough and efficient cleaning of the milking plant is of course of utmost importance for the quality of the milk, which is the raw material the milk producer provides for further processing at the dairy. Furthermore, cleaning is also very important for the farmer to be able to achieve the optimal price for the milk on an ongoing basis.

In order to achieve the desired result, it is important to choose the right product for the current task and to apply this according to legislation. Likewise, a large number of physical and technical factors, such as the construction of milking parlors, affect the final result.

Milking system

Read more about Novadan products which are developed for cleaning of milking systems. Choose between alkaline, acidic products and disinfectants – products for both carousel and robot systems. 

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Milking system – carousel-cleaning

Check the cleaning procedure of a carousel milking system. 

Milking system – robot-cleaning

Check the cleaning procedure of a robot milking system. 

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