Cleaning In Place

In the food and beverage processing industries, the practice of cleaning production equipment without dismantling it is known as CIP (Cleaning in Place). This method is essential for maintaining efficiency and hygiene in production processes.

CIP is one of Novadan’s core competencies, positioning the company as one of the leaders in CIP solutions. Novadan’s expertise in this area has been instrumental in developing innovative and effective cleaning systems tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

To ensure high product quality while optimizing your cleaning processes, Novadan conducts comprehensive surveys and recommends adjustments tailored to your plant, products, and operational requirements. This thorough analysis aims to identify opportunities for enhancing the efficiency of your CIP systems.

The primary goal of this optimization is to minimize downtime associated with CIP procedures and achieve significant savings in water, energy, and temperature regulation. By implementing Novadan’s recommendations, you can enhance operational efficiency, reduce resource consumption, and ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in your production environment.


In the dairy industry, CIP (Cleaning in Place) is employed to eliminate both organic and inorganic contaminants. These procedures enable a thorough cleaning process, ensuring that all equipment and pipes are  clean and ready for the next production cycle of dairy products. This  cleaning is crucial for maintaining consumer safety.

Brewery and wine

Brewing/Producing and storage of beer/wine takes place in large stainless tanks that require frequent cleaning. CIP is designed to circulate cleaning detergents through tanks and pipes followed by a rinse phase. Disassembling of the systems that brew/produce and ferment the product is therefore not necessary.


Beverages include tea, coffee, juice, or soft drinks.

Cleaning In Place (CIP) removes product residues and microorganisms from all surfaces inside tanks, pipeword and filling machines.

CIP pumps should be sized to provide enough flow and pressure to maintain the turbulence throughout the piping circuit.

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